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Statement on selling products under the name of Tianjin Lingjie Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.
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Statement on selling products under the name of Tianjin Lingjie Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

声     明   近期,有客户反映,市场中出现一些不良商家,利用广大客户对我司的信赖,恶意盗用我司“灵捷”名义进行网上宣传、销售产品,此举已涉嫌商标侵权和不正当竞争,严重侵害了我司的合法权益以及客户的利益。为此我公司声明如下: 一、天津市灵捷传动技术有限公司是LING JIE(商标注册号:9040295),LING JIE Transmission (商标注册号:9040294)核定使用商品第7类的商标注册权利人,与此商标无关的产品,我司概不负责。 二、未经我司允许,任何市场上利用“灵捷”等名义进行宣传、销售产品并侵权行为,我司不负责质量保证和售后服务。欢迎广大客户直接与本公司联系相关购买或代理事项,联系电话:022-26616372  022-26341260 三、我司官方网站中文),英文),请从官方渠道获取我司相关产品信息。 四、本公司郑重警告侵权者立即停止侵权行为。对以任何方式侵犯本公司商标权的行为,本公司保留依法追求其法律责任的一切权力。欢迎广大消费者向当地工商局、知识产权局或者本公司举报侵犯本公司权益的行为。                                                                         天津市灵捷传动技术有限公司                                                                                   2017.12.25
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Recently, some customers reported that some unscrupulous merchants appeared in the market, taking advantage of customers’ trust in our company, maliciously stealing the name of our company's "smart" for online promotion and selling products. This has been suspected of trademark infringement and unfair competition. Violated the legal rights of our company and the interests of customers. Therefore, our company declares as follows:

1. Tianjin Lingjie Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is the registered right holder of LING JIE (trademark registration number: 9040295), LING JIE Transmission (trademark registration number: 9040294), which is the registered right of the 7th category of the approved goods used, products that have nothing to do with this trademark Our company is not responsible.

2. Without our permission, our company is not responsible for quality assurance and after-sales service in any market that uses the name "Smart" to promote, sell products and infringe. Customers are welcome to contact the company directly for related purchases or agency matters, telephone number: 022-26616372 022-26341260

3. Our company's official website: (Chinese), (English), please obtain the relevant product information of our company from official channels.

4. The company solemnly warns the infringer to immediately stop the infringement. For any infringement of the company’s trademark rights, the company reserves all rights to pursue its legal liabilities in accordance with the law. Consumers are welcome to report violations of the company’s rights and interests to the local industrial and commercial bureau, intellectual property office or the company.

                                                                                                    Swift Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Lingsports Co., Ltd.


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