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Sales Department: Xu Jie
Sales Tel: 86-022-26616372 86-022-26341260
Fax: 86-022-26616580
Market development department: Li Shuo
Marketing department Tel: 86-022-26614130
Technology Department: Yue Chao
Technical department Tel: 86-022-26222775 18602228435
QQ:1059237223 1611412939
Company website:
Email address:
Company address: No.6, South B, Jifeng Road, Hongcang City Industrial Park, Yanji Road, Beichen District, Tianjin

Add: Tianjin Beichen Yanji Road Hong Cang City Industrial Park South B District No. 6   Tel:(022)022-26616372 Fax:26616580
P.C: 300400 Website:  E-mail:
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